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Filmlike look with Esystem possible



I read in another thread here that the colour and Look& feel of a print made of a E-system DSLR is different than to one of a Canon DSLR.

Can anybody elaborate on that? I am not intersted in noise discussion. I am looking for a system, that gives me a look & feel like a slides scanned and printed. I always like images printed from slides better than images from DSLR.

Any experiences with this?


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I did read somewhere that the E1 gave the most film like look of all the DSLRS but I cannot remember where and it may have been an advert!
I must have remebered that because the film like look is what I want too.


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I indeed does have a film look. This may have to do to the noise levels, or the form of the noise. But particularly with black and white, I find the E-1 produces images indistinguishable from film - at least on screen. Not wanting to keep pushing my work :), but take a look on my website - particularly at Alone Together in the Personal Projects section - 90% shot with E1, remainder E330 and E500.