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Filter system for Zeiss 18mm F4 wide angle


New Member
I have a used 18mm F4 contax lens and want to use some filters especially polarizing and neutral density. Prefer to invest in a filter holder system (HiTech; Lee; or Cokin X-Pro)rather than individual screw in filters. My concern is vignetting. What has worked for you?

The lens uses a 70 to 86mm step up ring and from photos it looks like the 70mm part slips over the barrel. I see on the HiTech filter website that they have a 70mm with three set screws desigend for rear use on view cameras but also says that it can be used if front threads have been damaged. The Contax lens does not have any front threads at all. While more expensive than Lee or Cokin X-Pro holders, the HiTech (70mm rear adapter plus holder)looks like it might work. Any opinions/experience?


I used to have that lens and never came up with a solution either. I used to tape 100mm resin filters on or hold them by hand. It was a pain, sorry I can't offer any solutions. There was a rubber Contax press on hood that I thought about modifying by glueing an 86mm ring to it. (The 300mm Tele-Tessar uses 86mm.)


New Member
The solution for using filters on the 4.0/18 mm is to take 82 mm filters with a reduction ring 82/67. Should be available in every good foto shop or on eBay. jaw


>This lens does not have a filter thread and must be used with Contax custom slip-on 70/86 step-up ring. As far as I know, it is the only way to use a filter with this lens. According to Contax's system brochure, the 28mm PC-Distagon that was recently discussed in another thread uses the same system.

G Couture