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Filters and Hoods


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Having recently increase my selection of T*’s I’m trying to work out what to with filters and lens hoods.
I have just spent a week touring Cornwall without the use of a single filter or hood on the following, 18mm, 28mm, & 135mm. I do have a B+W skylight and rubber hood for my 50mm F1.7. (The 135 should be easy, as it has a built in hood).

The biggest problem is the 18mm, I read I need a push on step up ring, 70 to 86mm, 86mm polarises are expensive, and I can’t find a 86mm hood, listed on Jessops website.

The 28mm as stated in the Contax info, a filter and hood can’t be used together(G12 soft or No1 metal with 55/86 step up).

Also having to swap a 86mm filter every time you change lenses is going to be a right bind, and I don’t fancy buying a Polarizer for each lens ! Or having large step up rings and Skylights on what was a compact lens !

I have a Cokin P system, but don’t have a way of fitting it to the 18mm, plus I thing it may well vignette. I also question the value of putting a piece of plastic in front of a CZ T* ! ! !

So far my approach has been look where the sun is and watch for flare and put the lens cap back on when not in use, and use a good film, Velvia/Provia, in 20 years I’ve never marked a filter or lens, and I have good insurance ! ! ! !

What do others do…….


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The 55/86mm step-up ring itself can be used as
an effective hood. Contax don't make special hood for the 18mm.I don't use 86mm filters on the 18mm because of increased risk of flare and vignetting. I have the 55/86 ring permanently attached to the lens; using a Contax dedicated metal lens cap for protection.
Cokin P series filter can only take up to 82mm adptor ring.
So there is no cheap and happy solution. The easy
way is not to use filters at all.


Sing, how can you possibly use a 55/86 step-up ring on a D18/4.0 ?!? This lens will only accept the slip-on 70/86 custom adapter. Maybe you're talking about the 28mm and not the 18mm.

G Couture


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Sorry Guillaume, I was refering to the 70/86
ring with the 18mm together with the K-84 metal
clip-on cap.


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Well I managed to get a 70/86 adaptor off ebay, which I can see will work as a mini hood.
After looking at my results of my first rolls of film, I doubt I will need filters if I use the likes of Velvia and Provia….stunning ! soooooo saturated. Though I think the RX slightly under exposes. I believe this was mentioned in a review by Practical Photography a few years ago.

My Cokin will do ok on the 28 and 50 etc.


I am going to make metal hood for my Planar 85 1.4 (dedicated one is not available near here and I want it to be detachable to put in on the lens during transport etc). Can anybody tell me dimensions of metal Contax metal G4 and G5 hoods? I know they are 86mm wide, but what is the lenght?

Best regards,