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Filters for Nikon 8700



Is there anyone using standard filters on your 8700?
by Standard, I just mean a size I can pick up at a good camera store.
Is there some kind of adapter needed?



New Member
I think Nikon should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves on this topic. I have never before seen such a ridiculous bit of design. In order to use a filter you have to first buy a lens hood (make sure it's the HN-CP11 the other one doesn't do it.)This screws into the thread in the outer part of the lens barrel, the bit that doesn't move. Then you can screw a 3"(!!!) filter into the very front (!!!) of the lens hood. 3" is huge and very expensive. It will change the whole balance of the camera. The filter itself will be vulnerable. The hood doing nothing to protect it from either glancing light or physical damage. And best of all (worst !!!) when the lens is extended to its extreme it arrives literally just behind the filter, the lens hood doing absolutely NOTHING. I had a Canon 8mp before swapping it for the Nikon now I'm not so sure I did the right thing. The Canon can use normal filters, is supplied with a hood, has a beautiful little remote shutter release which more than makes up for the extra cost. (a Nikon remote release costs a fortune, AND doesn't perform well according to comments I've read. Come on Nikon this is not what we expect from you. It has certainly put a dent in my view of what I have always understood to be a 'quality' company you could trust!!!


I noticed Adorama had off-brand clip on filters that might do the trick, but I have no experience with these. I would wonder if anyone could enlighten us? This is my number one disappointment with this camera - so far!