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Filters for SD14-15

Hello to all,

Would you share your comments/advices about filters? I have never used any filters with my SD14 and I am thinking of buying one, but don't know which one should I buy first. Here are the questions I would like you to answer:

1. If you could buy only one filter, as your first one, which one would it be: a UV filter, a polarizing filter, a neutral density filter? Any others? In another words, which one is the most useful filter?
2. Which brand would you recommend and for what reason?
3. Is it possible to put more than one filter on a lens, like a polarizing on top of a UV filter?
4. To your knowledge, is there a filter brand that can fit any lens (instead of buying one filter for every lens I own).

Any other comment/advice is also welcome. :)



New Member
1. it's out of the question, i buy for each lens an uv filter for protection. when suiteable i will buy later on a polorised filer. I should not buy nd filter, i should look for lee glass
2. mostly i by B&W. why, thats the brand the seller have stock
3. it's not preferable to stack filters
4. how to read this? each lens has it's own size (diameter), so you have to buy a filter for each lens and yes it could be of the same brand


Well-Known Member
I do have UV for my lenses...but I don't shoot with them on...softens the image...

Personally I like creative filters....Yellow/Red/Blue/Star....the ND you can do with your camera...fstop, iso, and speed settings...a graduated filter works well...but you have to play with it a little...

Do your research...and schellingerhout is right the UV are good to put on your lens while you carry it...

Tony C.


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The filter being a component in the "optical" chain of the photographic should be first clear as to what you want to achieve with it...similar to the lines of selecting a lens.

Personally, i don't use an UV filter nowdays...i have a Circular Polarizer always on my lens. Its working wonders for me...and the problem listed below is also taken care of nicely by this filter.

UV filters for me have worked best and proved invaluable when i am in the mountains at high has helped me in negating the blue colour cast. Post processing to achieve the same when pictures have been taken without one have proved very tedious and time short, no fun at all.

The other filter categories of Neutral Density, Coloured etc. are again a personal creative expression choice. I personally use a ND filter and have not experimented with coloured filters.

I have a Cokin filter system which allows me to use the same filters and appropriate mount to switch between a SD14 and a Medium Format film camera. I also have Hoya and Kenko screw mount filters for both systems...which are practically invaluable when in harsh outdoor environments...for example, mountain expeditions.

Filter stacking i never cannot comment on the same.

My recommendation would be to go for a Circular really works wonders for me. Its one filter which goes wherever my camera goes!

And do buy something which is as good or better than the lens that you intend to mount it on. The Cokin and Hoya Professional DMC are my present choices. You can do research into B+W, Tiffen etc. before making your purchase.

Hope this helps!