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Filters Lee v Cokin



Hello Fellow Contax Users,

I was wondering if anybody has any experience of using Lee and/or Cokin filters?

I have a 645 and a N1 - and am looking to build up a filter collection (eg. ND's, filters for B&W etc.) that relies on holders rather than screw-in's. So, looking through the available information, I reason I can use either the Lee system, or one of the Cokin systems - i.e. P Series, Z-Pro series and X-Pro series.

The thing is, the cost of Lee filters are very high in comparison to Cokin. So, are they worth the extra, or would I be better off with one of the Cokin systems. And if so, which one? Cost is a consideration, but in the long run, I want something that would be worthwhile having invested a fair bit in the rest of the hardware.

Any thoughts would be appreciated - thanks in advance!!

Rgds, Saras


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> I was wondering if anybody has any experience of using Lee and/or > Cokin filters?

I have some Lee filters I have never used. I got them at Lee's factory in England when I was there a few years ago. The adapter I have is called 'the Lee Filter Holder System' and it attaches to the front lens with a T mount (which I don't have.) The adapter will hold the big plastic filters some of which are gradiated. I have 4 plastic filters, 3 graduated, also never used. Then there are a No.3, 8, 11, 12,15, 16,21, 23A still in the packages. 100mm by 100mm size.

Then I have Lee's Master filter catalog which is a 5 inch by 9.6 in s&le of every filter Lee makes.

I'll sell these individually if there is interest... please make offer.



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I guess it depends on what lenses you use. If you have the 645 35mm lens it has a filter diameter of 95mm. You'd need to go to the Cokin Xpro system for that one lens. The lee system fits 100mm x 100mm filters and that may work but some people have reported vignetting. It is not easy to find a system that works for such large filter sizes.

The filters themselves, Personally if image color is important to you the Cokin ND Grads shift the color tone of the images to kind of purple. The Lee filters are more neutral grey, while Hitech is towards the magenta spectrum.

For most of the other lenses The Cokin P system will work and is very versatile since Cokin, Lee, Tiffen , Singh Ray and Hitech all make filters to fit that system. 82mm is the widest it can go and since the filter holder is so inexpensive most people buy 2 and trim of the front of one for wide angle lenses to get rid of vignetting. Lee and Hitech uses metal filter holders compared to Cokins plastic though.

Hope this helps

Almon C. Dao a.k.a. Yogi Bear



> I use the Lee filter system, which seems to be the preffered system for pro's. It is highly flexible, especially if you use ND grads (indispesible for landscape photography). Also you can combine the ND grads with both warm up's (81 series colour correction filters) and even a (105 mm) polarizer.

Basically you use the same holder, but with different adapter rings. If you, like me, use the Contax 645 system, then in most cases a 72 mm ring. You can even leave adapter rings permanently on your lenses, if you need to work fast on location.

Basically I think the Cokin system works in the same way, but I've never tried the system. Another alternative is Hightech.

You can have a look at
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Thank you to all who have responded to my query. I am leaning towards the Lee Filter sytem - mainly because their grads don't seem to have a colour cast on them - and that is important.

If I ever get around to a 35mm lens (don't tell y bank manager!!) I can always but the X-Pro set for that!!

Cheers to all!!

rgds, Saras