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FIlters on a rangefinder


I took advantage of the rebates and purchased a G2. I have been shooting a SLR for several years. The question I have is: how do you account for filters when using a rangefinder? Any helpful hints from experiences user?


New Member
The G2 accounts for the filters if you are using its exposure control. If you are exposing in manual mode, then it is - of course - up to you. Generally speaking, it is quite easy to figure out what happens with a given camera - first remove any filter that may be screwed on the lens, then aim at some target and jot down the exposure/time couple. Screw a filter on and aim at the same target in the same light conditions and see if the values for exposure/time are different from without the filter (in which case the camera does the compensation by itself). If the values are unchanged, then you have to compensate for filters by yourself...

Now, the biggest challenge with the G2 and other range finders in terms of filters is using a polarizer... My solution is really low tech but works like a charm: I have painted a little mark on the side of the ring that does not move and put this mark up right in the middle when I "prepare" the polarizer filter manually - that is with my fingers, not connected to the camera. I then turn the polarizer ring in order to get what I want from the filter and look at what number or other indication coincides with the mark. I then screw the polarizer onto the lens, making sure that the little painted mark is right on top and that the value I want coincides with the mark. Not very fast or high-tech but it works...


Thank you Francois...I appreciate you sharing your insights and methods with me. It all makes perfect sense!