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I have recently begun usig filters but am confused as to what the increase in f stops refer to. I am not sure from which stop do I begin increasing? For ex&le if i use a red filter for b/w pics I need to increase between 1 1/4 - 2 stops but from where? From the correct exposure without the filter? Please someone explain. Thanks


In general if you use the cameras TTL metering you will not have problems with filters as your metering see through the filter.=20

If you use a handheld meter for incident or spot meterings you will have to compensate for the F stops "consumed" by the filter. If this is the case refer to the manuals from the filter producer and you should have no problems.

Happy shooting!


Hi Rick

The TTL-Meter of the camera considers this correction automaticly. If you use an external lightmeter, you have to correct the shown result while you set the values at your camera.