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Firewire 2 USB & tethering SD10


New Member
Can anyone tell me if I can use a firewire to usb lead with an SD10. I have been trying to get my computer to recognise the camera with both a standard USB and a USB to firewire cable without any success. Also are there any packages that can be used to use the camera in a tethered mode?


David B


Well-Known Member

As of right now...I don't believe there is any remote tethering software packages for any of the SD camera's....the only thing you can do is connect it to download your shots...and with the SD10 that would be very slow...I would recommend that you get a CF card USB 2.0 read/write adapter in order to load pictures...

On ebay there is a auto shutter controller that can be used on your SD10 or you can do a wireless controller...for your shutter release...they go from 20usd to about 50usd....

I know a few people that were going to play with creating a tethering software, since the USB and Firewire are connected to the main board..there should be a way of doing this...or mod-ing the camera for this...however I have not heard anything more on this...I conceptually know how this might work...but don't have the programming knowledge to pull something like this off...

Please let me know if you run across anything...

Tony C. :z04_cowboy:


New Member
USB Card Reader

I already have a usb card reader in my computer, but I find the constant removal of the CF card from the camera time consuming and I'm wondering if the pins will start to wear out on the connector. I have just ordered a Firewire card and cable for my PC o see if this will work. I cannot get the standard USB port to recognise the camera when I connect the cable. I guess this could be something to do with the camera only having USB1 capabilities.

It would be nice if there was something like a CF card with a cable attached to it, so that could be fitted in the camera and hooked into the computer.

I have the remote shutter release controller and a hard wired one too. Does anyone know a better application than Sigma Photo pro 2.1 to preprocess the images?




Well-Known Member

I played with the Eyefi SD-card with a CF don't get much range from it...about 30 to 40 feet...but it is another viable alternative to uploading your images to you need to get the prox2-version...


works well did not work for what I was trying to accomplish....

About the processing...I have tried the other softwares out there...but SPP is still better I would upgrade to the SSP 4+....

Hope this helps out...Tony C. :z04_cowboy:


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Firewire is just as slow as USB with the SD10 (last time - it was also the first time I tried to connect the sd10 to my computer - it just took me more than an hour to download the content of a 1Gb CF card) . The best way is the card reader.
You should upgrade your SPP to 4.2
I heard of SilkyPix giving good result, but the x3f files need to be converted to dng. A lot of time and space consuming...