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Firewire 800 and the CFH back


New Member
got a bit of a question that no-one can seem to answer..... I have the CFH back on the H2 and am wanting to connect to my G5 and powermac however the cable that came with the back is a firewire 800 to 400. Does anyone know if the camera back will accept the speed of a firewire 800? or is it limited to the 400 speed only.


Active Member
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Hi Paul

Currently the transfer speeds are running at about FW400 speeds for stability but in the near future you can expect the back to make use of FW800 speeds. You can get a 32ft FW 800 cable here:
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regards Nick-T


New Member
Thanks Nick. I have spoken to many "professionals" and they told me that it was impossible to get firewire 800 working at distances more than 5 meters so no-one sells the cables in Europe!! Thanks for the heads up with granitedigital.