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Firmware hack Makeover


My 300D is now two weeks new to me. Of course I have been searching all over the internet to gather as much information as I can from other dreb users. The most important thread I've been following is the firmware alterations that allow us 300D owners to enjoy a few features of the 10D. It seems that Canon decided to give the 300D a dumbed down version of the 10D firmware. A Russian named Wasia was able to wrestle a host of additional functions out of the original 300D firmware. The new features are in PDF at this URL
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More recently someone calling themselves the Undutchables was able to add more features by massaging more functionality out of this firmware. This is the Undutchables URL
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then click the text to get the file download window. I haven't done anything with it yet but I will give it a thorough testing over the next two weeks... Enjoy