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Firmware updates


I just received email from Canon announcing the firmware 2.0.1 update, but I downloaded and installed this update last week. I found it lying around on the Powershot tech support site Saturday the 24th. I'm wondering if Canon did a "soft release" or are just really slow sending out notices. Had anyone updated their 10D firmware to 2.0.1 before late this week?

Just curious,


> How important is it to get new firmware? I never connect my 10D or D30 to the computer. I use a card reader. I've seen these notices before about upgrading firmware but never > understood it. Both my cameras work just fine without new firmware, so what is the purpose of it?

Anne Bellenger Avon Park FL



Well-Known Member
The new fimware was released on January 20th. I don't think it is significant, but I did try to download it - without any success. I am using a Mac, and when I click on the firmware update, it says "Not Found". Anyone know what I may be doing wrong?

Bobby Tan
Long Beach, CA


New Member
If I remember correctly, it has to do with updating something to due with language and also an update when printing directly from the camera.

What ever it was I decided not to bother because it wasn't anything I needed. I know it was nothing of great importance as far as the way the camera works.

I looked around thinking I could find the link to get a little more accurate info but no luck. If I find it, I'll post it.

To load the update ... do you not copy it to a CF card in a reader and then put the card in the camera and load it (or directly to the CF card in the camera, hooked to a computer)? Seems to me I read that too.
Firmware update 1.0.1 improves the reliability of USB communication when performing a Direct Print, and corrects some Chinese lettering in the menu system.

Firmware 2.0.0 update adds PictBridge support and makes three improvement
1. Improves release lag when using Microdrive's
2. Corrects AE Lock operation when using custom function 4 settings
3. Fixes Exposure compensation display errors when using the ST-E2 Speedlite Transmitter.

Firmware update 2.0.1 corrects the LCD monitor display--adds the Color Temperature display to the [INFO] screen.

Firmware 2.0.1 includes prior upgrades 1.0.1 and 2.0.0 and does not wipe out your CF's like prior updates.


I'm a big believer in updating firmware even when it fixes a problem you don't, obviously, have. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" certainly has merit, but a lot of times small, subtle improvements are made in these updates that aren't listed a press release or readme file.

Firmware is the brains of your optical recording computer (i.e. digital camera), so newer is usually better. Of course sometimes problems, like firmware update 2.0, happen, so I usually suggest waiting a week or two after an update has been released before installing it. Also, it's good to get some practice with the process in case you ever have to make an urgent update to the firmware.

Just my two cents worth,