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Firmware upgrade for U4R?


Hi kaloopaville

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I do not think that there is a new firmware out there. The U4r is quite old in terms of "digital photo equipment".

But you can ask at
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Ask for Frazer Allen. He is the former head of Contax UK and is running now this company which is also responsible for Contax products. He is member here too but has not really time to visit often. If someone knows something about a new firmware, it willl be Frazer.

Tell him that I sent you to him.

best wishes


New Member
Thanks for your quick reply. Alpha DS/Frazer was responsible for repairing my U4R recently, and in that process the camera 'regressed' to the lower more basic internal firmware state.

I understand that a firmware upgrade may have been available for download from a contax site (the US one?) at one time.

The upgraded version allowed, for instance, the camera to 'remember' the last flash setting prior to turning off - I didn't need to turn the flash off each time I turned the camera on. I'll keep looking and asking around (again!)...

As an aside really, it's only now that I am considering updating my digital cameras as the U4R IS now, but only relatively recently, becoming not leading edge.

I think Contax did very well producing a top notch camera, with it's 5MP count coupled with the T* lens, being equivalent or better than many 10MP+ digital compacts.

It's a great shame that they no longer market a product like it, and the Kyocera isn't there.

I'm currently exploring options: Sigma DP1, Panasonic LX3, Canon G10...

Any ideas most welcome!