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first comments CP 995990950



Anybody else have a problem with the battery door staying closed? Any suggestions on where/how to get this problem fixed? Dropping batteries everywhere is not a user friendly feature. Takes great pictures otherwise.


Sorry, can't help you with that one. I haven't experienced any such problems, but why don't you take the camera to a dealer and get it fixed? It must be most annoying!


New Member
Have two glowing pixels in ever shot now on a 950. There used to be a download for this. Can anyone help me find the link for it now?



Hi Bryan,

try these for further information:

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Unfortunately I do not know any other link, but maybe someone else...



New Member
Does anyone have trouble with the LCD not working? I am not sure if some setting got off kilter, or if it is damaged, but sometimes it simply will not come on. I can press the monitor button a zillion times, and nothing, then other times, it will just work. I haven't seen any updated firmware from Nikon and can't find any other info on this problem, but it is most annoying. Other than that, I have had no issues witht his camera.


New Member
Hello...I'm new to this forum. I have Coolpix 995 and wanted to post on a Web page a little movie I made. I can see the movie in my Quicktime Viewer but the Windows Media Player and Windows Movie Maker (XP) give me an error message: "cannot open this file. format not supported."

Is there a way to change the preference for saving the movies from .MOV to something else? Or can they be converted (exported) or something?

Or ... what do you all use to edit the little movies you make w/ the CoolPix 995? Thanks so much in advance...Gail Miller


New Member
Can anyone give me settings for taking photos of a baseball pitcher making a throw. Also a batter taking a swing.
I have a Coolpix 995 with a UV filter on it.

An amateur


New Member
Follow up: I am about 75 ft. away from subject on a tripod during the afternoon just before twilight 5:30pm or so


Active Member
> Slick, I don't know what sort of shot you are trying to obtain, but > the odds are the Coolpix won't be the right camera to use. There are > two issues - the telephoto end of the zoom lens is really not long > enough to bring the pitcher or batter "close enough" that he(or she) > will take up a large portion of the entire frame, and there is the > issue of shutter lag.

The latter is really the more important problem - that is, when you press on the shutter button there is a palpable delay before the shutter actually fires. For landscapes and scenics or general snapshots, this is not that annoying. However, for action shots (like sports) you will probably find yourself with an armload of images of "just afters" - just after the ball leaves the pitcher's hand, just after the bat has already been swung. in other words, it's hard to get a visually interesting shot with that camera.

Nevertheless, you're not wasting any film trying, so good luck! Other than zooming in all the way, there's no real setting that I think you would need to make...

Hope that helps (and doesn't discourage you),



New Member
Thanks I have found that to be the case. But I was hoping to get some F stop settings and or other specifics to get the best chance of a good shot. I have a friend who has the 3x lens so thats ok.


Hi Craig,
It's my first post in here. I Have a CP995 and would ask you to know give me more info about the UV filter you're using.
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