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First day with SD14


Active Member
I went for a walk to try out the new camera. It was below freezing, sunny, and nearly a dead calm. All shots are with the 18-200, full auto, ISO 100, and the OS on.

Here is a small tree that was split in a storm.


Then some fallen leaves in a frozen puddle


I missed the focus on this one. I should have taken several shots. I still think like I'm shooting film.


This is a Prince's Pine. They are an endangered species because they were once used for Xmas wreaths but they are all over the woods here.


I was trying to find some Holly berries but this was the only one and it was on the ground.


This last one I like the best. It is a piece of moss that grows on the trees around here and it was just on the ground in the leaf litter. I increased the sharpness on all of these and on this one I increased the saturation just a touch.


I can see I am going to need a Macro lens and something to steady me a bit maybe a mono pod. I need to increase the depth of field and could either increase the ISO or slow the shutter.

Hope I didn't bore you with all this................Tom C


Active Member
Two more

Some Ice crystals on the marsh and a few Cedar berries.



.........................................................Tom C


Well-Known Member
Glad to see you enjoying your photographic journey. Interesting that you mention you retain your "film" way of shooting.

Some 3 years after going digital I still shoot as conservatively as in my film days.

Sincerely, JR

Guest .

Hi Tom,

congratulations to your fine camera and your fine lens. I have both of my own as well.

I like your shots! :)

See you with nice pictures