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Announcement First implementation of your ideas...


Dear members,
there have been already a few suggestions from you to optimize the forum-structure. We implemented them already. :z04_discosmilie:

1. We have reorganized the photo section within the subforum "the art of photography".

2. We added a section for firmware updates, in which you can post a link, as soon as there is a new firmware update for your camera available and we will collect then all these postings and put these links then in an overview page in the same subforum.

3. We also streamlined the Hasselblad and Contax section. Regarding Contax: If you have scanned manuals, broschures etc. about Contax cameras, lenses and accessories, which we do not have yet on our free download page, please post in the download section, what you can contribute.

4. We have new features in our free classifieds section. We have now 2 different subforums. One for private sales and one for dealers.

5. We do offer now small thumbnails in front of each posting of the first images you uploaded in your posting of the gear you want to sell. You know this from ebay auctions

6. We introduce now a "trader history" in the classified section. With this new feature, you can "rate" a seller or a buyer and the rating shows in his userprofile. You know this system also from ebay. Tis shall help to gain trust in the community and to avoid bad business behaviour.

So visit the forum and look around. Start using it. Enjoy it! :z04_dance00:

Over the next couple of days we will post some "Have you seen?" articles in the forum to explain also new features.

There is even more to come over the next weeks. Stay tuned! Daumenhoch

If you have more suggestions/ideas, please go ahaead and post them in the forum!

Your CI-Team