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First impressions


The Minolta X-700 was I guess the most popular camera at that time. One of the first - if not the first - with so many features and automation. Additionally very robust.

It is a pitty that after the switch to AF this kind of model was not re-released with the new mount. It would have been still a bestseller, similar to the one of Nikon (FM/FM2/FM3a).



I have wonderful x-700 with which I have taken many many pictures. Recently, however, I was reloading the camera with new film while the flash was attached and as I trided to advance the film, the shutter got stuck. As I found out from web searched this happens when two of the capacitors in the x-700 blow up and can be fixed by replacing the. I have been able to locate the capacitors on Ebay.

My only concern: Is changing the capacitors really going to work? Or could there be something else wrong with the camera?

I will post a summary to the list if there are enough responses.

Thanks in advance,