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First impressions


I just purchased my Rollei 6003 professional second hand. Excellent camera with all features you need. It also has the connectivity option for digital backs.

Since I do not need really the exchangable filmback (12 shots are not that many), you can save here a lot compared to the 6008.



Dirk, that was very true a year or so ago, but the market has changed so dramatically that there is hardly any $$ spread between the two models now. I chose the 6003 because I don't do studio work, and have no need for the capabilities of the plug-in programming controller. Other than the PQS Zeiss lens, there isn't much difference anymore.

Now, all I have to do is save up for one of those $25,000 digital backs, and the Mac to hook it
Ray Hull


Hi Ray,

yes, the digital back price-tag is a pain in the neck. I hope this will come down soon significantly or the future of 6x6 will be not that great in 5 years...



I bought my 6003 several years ago (5+) and have enjoyed it immensely. I liked the lighter, smaller back and removable handle for travelling convenience...

Its just about light enough to take overseas for general shooting. Very very happy with the lenses and quality of the overall package. Hate to give any of it up in the midst of this digital revolution.

Any thoughts on digital attachments for someone on the road?


If you're considering purchasing a 6000-series camera, now may be the time! WHY? It seems like recently, the prices on eBay of Rollei 6008i camera kits (i.e. with magazine, action grip, battery+charger) with 80mm PQ lens have really dropped. Some of them are being sold off at $1399 or less. Those kits with PQS standard lens sell for a few to several hundred dollars more. Well known stores like Adorama are listing these kits on their auctions, and so do individuals (semi-pro's as well as pro's) that are switching to digital.


New Member
I own a 6003 Profiessional and use it mainly for outdoor and special occasions where quality is of upmost importance. I own a cheap digital that well, gives me cheap results. I love printing large format and my Rollei is always up to the task. I am also hoping to save enough money or somehow justify a digital back. I could only imagine the photo quality from my Rollei with one of those puppies latched on. As it is, when shooting with a fine grain film the image quality is incredible. On another note, does anyone know of other lenses that were produced for the 6000 series by other manufaturers other than Rollei or Schneider? I read somewhere that Minolta or some other company at one time did.