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First photos of photokina


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here we are with the first photos of the i4R of the photokina. I like the red one the most. It is definetly an eye catcher, but has a fixed focal lenght of 39mm (in film measures).




Thanks for the we see an "old" ND below the i4R???
What a shame....Contax shows a digital camera, which isn't availible in the stores anymore.... :-(


A guy from Contax told me on a small tradefair in Germany earlier this year that the N Digital is discontinued.

And I can't find the ND on
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anymore for some time....


Hi Stephan,

this information is partially wrong. A DSLR is manufactured in one or two production lines. This is the same for Contax, Nikon, Canon etc. They produce the number they think they can sell til the next model comes out. Only by this you get a good avarage production price.

So if you really look close to it, every DSLR, no matter which brand, is one day after its production discontinued, since it is not produced anymore afterwards. Even if it has not yet arrived the dealers

So there is obviously no new production of the ND1 planned (same for Canon 10D, Nikon D70 you name it), but this has nothing to do whether it is still available to buy.

The same is valid by the way for all bodies and lenses of Contax, Leica etc.

So there are still ND1 available and if you want to buy one, it is the best time to get great prices. But this is no indication on what might or might not come in the future regarding Contax equipment.

The websites of Kyocera are in most cases a nightmare. If you go i.e. to the German one, you will hardly find the name Contax. This is an obvious problem of lacking communication/ marketing efforts/capabilities.

You will find here more information up to date than on the official sites


I bought the i4R in Hong Kong recently for approx. 183 pounds which was cheaper than Japan at approx 215 pounds. I bought the silver one because the brushed metal surface to me looks nicer, the black one did look nice but it'll be prone to persistent finger marks and the red one didn't appeal to me. This is my first digital camera and I love it, the Rtune software is superb, very little shutter delay and the macro is amazing. I can upload some images if people are interested or mail them. Originally I was going to buy the u4R but I felt the smaller size made the i4R more convenient and this has been the case as I carry this in my pocket all the time. You can buy a Contax branded bag for this camera, it's identical to the one you get with the camera except it has a contax label stitched to the edge but it costs over 5 pounds!