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First settings in your userprofile

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registration and participation at is very easy and needs only a username, password and an email address.

But to make a real community out of a forum, it needs more than this. We therefore offer a special page in your userprofile on which you can give all other members more information about you, if you wish to.

Something like an avatar image or with what kind of cameras/lenses you are currently shooting or have used in the past. Or in what kind of photography you are interested in etc.

Fill out the fields at your own will. You can always delete that later on or change it if you want it. But these kind of information makes it a lot more familiar. Only members can see you profile, by the way.

How do you do that?

1. Click at the upper right hand corner on your username and then on the dropdown box on "personal details".


2. On the next page, write as much as you want to about yourself and check the boxes you find match your views.


Do not forget to save this setting.

That's all.
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