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First specs for Minolta digital Dynax SLR



PMA 2004: Konica Minolota today made a development announcement about a new digital version of their Maxxum 7 / Dynax 7 SLR. The Maxxum 7 Digital will have a six megapixel APS sized CCD, will have body integrated anti-shake (just like the DiMAGE A1/A2) which will work with all lenses and will be fully system compatible. This camera should be available in 'Fall 2004'. We, along with a few others had an opportunity to take a few pictures of an early pre-production camera.

What we know so far (both told and observed)
Digital SLR based on Maxxum 7 / Dynax 7
Six megapixel APS sized CCD
Body integrated anti-shake, works with all lenses
White balance control button on rear of camera
ISO control button on rear of cmaera
Selectable AF modes (nine point AF)
Left dial exposure (-3 to +3 EV) and flash compensation (-2 to +2 EV)
Right dial exposure mode and drive mode
Dual command dials front and rear of camera
14-Segment honeycomb-pattern metering
ADI and Wireless flash support
AF/MF button
External PC Sync flash terminal
Three user memories
Large 2.0" LCD Monitor
Eye-start viewfinder proximity sensor (power on)
Available Fall 2004


here is the pics of new Minolta DSLR


I must say that 6mpx seems rather low. Especially when the A2 is going to be 8mpx. I wonder if Minolta will have upgraded it, by the time they release it.

They have also stated that they will be bringing out other cameras based on this system, and some new lenses.


... I think it is time to stop this Megapixel competition. If everything in a camera is optimized, 6MP is far more than we will ever need. The current problem is the lack of costumization/optimization of chip, software and other hardware in the camera, not the amount of pixel itself.

I can beat a Canon 10D with 22mm x 15mm 6MP Chip head over heals with a very old MF-digital back of 30mm x30mm and 4MP. But all users only look at this pixelmania. The horsepower in a car is also worth nothing if the rest of the car does not allow to use it.

And finally the price is a big issue. Nobody wants to have an amateur camera for 10.000.- Euro

So wait and see what they do with their 6MP chip. afterwards we have still enough time to complain, if something is not correct.

Nikon has 4MP in a 4000 Euro camera (D2H) - I have not heard any complaints there...


New Member
Hello Everyone
I've been reading the forum for awhile now. Being a Minolta user for about six year now, I've used the 300si, XTsi,800si and the Max 7. I've been waiting for a digtal SLR from them and I'm glad that it's based on the Max 7. I'm also wondering why only 6MP as was stated when the new A2 is 8MP.I love my minoltas, and as I have grown in my insight in photography I'm just glad that Minolta has gotten back in the game with canon & nikon. And hey, the A2 might be a good buy and run with Sony in MP and image ???


>> If everything in a camera is optimized, 6MP >>is far more than we will ever need. The >>current problem is the lack of

Fine if you never want to print a picture bigger than 9x7 at 300dpi or sell a picture to a magazine or library.

There is a very good reason why people want more infomation. Some people using the top of the range Canon digital are using it to replace medium format work.

Maybe 6mpx is more than you will ever need, but not the rest of the photographic world.


I think we should be thankful whatever we have in hand and look forward to enjoy the new technology and have fun. Most of us are not professional and just love to have good camera in hand to feel good thats all. As for as quality concern I think that you can produce with A1 the best size 16X20. I have seen this in a friend house. He owns this Dimage A1 and quality is awsome. Mostly we are not going to have enlargment more 8X10. Therefore, I aggreed with MARC VENTON. So always count the blessing.
Be happy now we have Maxxum 7DSLR in fall...Hoooray. ;-O)
This is a new born baby..remember.
So take care of it and let it grow under blessing all of us.
Take Care and be happy.


Thank God Minolta has now also presented the proof that they will enter the digital SLR age.
I have many professional telelenses (APO 300mm, APO 400mm, APO 600mm) and with bird photography as my hobby, frequently having only one unique chance to make a set of photos, digital will be an enormous advantage. I think 6 MP will do for the start, 8 MP would certainly help me to blow up the picture in case I cannot approach a bird close enough.
What I think is really important is the speed of the camera and the quality of the digital image recording and processing. Much of the inherent and hidden potential quality of digital cameras is lost by a far from perfect system optimization; this includes the optics (lenses) matching the characteristics of the CCD (see a recent test in the German Magazine, Color Photo, where this is tested). Let Minolta please take the time to finish the development of the camera, thus the CCD sensor electronics and software and optics integration. This will pay out in terms of satisfaction of their customers, who like me are locked into the Minolta system anyhow.