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First time on SSP


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I got my camera thursday night and took it out today for the first time. I set it on P, auto focus, stabil on, Raw, and 100 ISO and just fooled around. Then I got the files on my computer and started using SSP. I have never done anything like this before and am just amazed at what you can do to photos after the fact, easily.

Now the questions. I started with 10 to16 meg raw files and then I saved a few to 16 bit Tiff's and they mushroomed to 85 megs. Is that right?

What is your procedure when you work on photos?
How do you cut them down to post here?
What is a good way to put photos on line, flicka?

I am very happy with the camera. I used it outside, below freezing for 3 hours with no problem. I can already see a few ways to improve my photos. Next time it will be aperture priority.

My sister has had a few digitals and just bought one last year for a trip to Uganda. She always complains of the lack of blue sky. She is going to hate me now.

............................................Tom C


Well-Known Member
Good to hear you like your new camera, Tom. You may want to refer to the software as SPP (Sigma PhotoPro).

To prepare the photos to post here, I convert them to Jpg, with sRGB as the colour space (internet standard colour space) and then reduce resolution to 100dpi and the longest side of the image to 800 pixels. That gets the file size (with the right amount of compression usually level 6) down to around 160kb.

I have learnt (your mileage may vary) to use my camera on full manual (M setting) to get it to do it's best work for me.

Look forward to seeing some of your creativity, Tom.

Sincere regards, Jim R


Hi Tom,
congrats to your new toy.
It´s right,saving to 16bit tiff blows the size up.
To put images online use the paperclip upload the image(s)
Leave the upload window open and hit the paperclip again.
You will see a list of your uploaded images and can place them in your text field and add coments as you like.
On the size,follow the hints Jim gave.
Do NOT use external links for your images as those links will be deleted.
Dear ..............,

sorry, but we do not allow links to images or copy/paste image into the forum. The reason is, that after a while the links are broken and all discussions about images are worthless.

We want to have meaningful discussions within our forums also for new users in i.e. 3 months from now. This is only possible, if we have the images here uploaded on our forum server without external links.

Therefore all images for image discussions have to be uploaded directly here in the forum on our server. We delete all other links to images. The same counts for for links to the images on our CI gallery.

Thanks for your understanding in advance

Best wishes



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Thanks for the replys but I guess what I need to know is what kind of a file and how large could or should it be if I wanted someone to print it for me. Say a 16 X 20...............................Tom C


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Tom, don't know whether I can be of much help, but here goes...

I currently get ALL my colour printing done by contract printer and this is my process:
STEP 1) I save the file (from RAW) to double size 16bit Tif and then upscale in 10% increments (dimensional to required size) and (resolution to 300dpi) in Adobe Photoshop. This can be done by going into Image > Image Size menu, which opens the required dialogue box.

RESOLUTION: first remove the tick in the Resample Image radio button (by clicking in it) and then typing 300dpi in the Resolution window after which you must replace the tick in the Resample Image radio button by clicking in it again.

DIMENSION: I usually do my 10% steps on the longest side but either will do fine. EG: if the chosen side is 400mm, increase it by typing (in it's window) 440mm and then clicking the OK button. The window closes and the process is completed, after which you repeat the process incrementally untill the required dimension is reached.

I have reasons for doing it this way and they would take too long here to explain. You are most welcome to PM me if you require any further explanation re my response to your question.

Hope this makes sense, Tom.

Sincere regards, Jim Roelofs

Guest .

Hi Tom,

how to process digital pictures is a never ending topic. You will not be able to find two experts who do it the same way ... I can only say that it is fascinating to experiment and a great leap in photography really.

Just experiment a lot and find your own way. As your questions become more concrete, the forum will be most helpful. Have a look into our DIGITAL DARKROOM section, if you like.


Well, I once found a very useful freeware that does this job with very good image results and is very easy to handle. It is called BIMP and can do nearly everything in terms of image scaling.

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Very interesting is the fact that it can do batch scaling and -renaming pictures at the same time.

Further you can choose your jpg compression rate as you like it.

See you with nice pictures