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FL20 for the C5050



I just bought a wide angle lense for my C5050, but the camera flash creates a shadow of the lense in every shot. I think I need an external flash. Am I right? Is the FL-20 external flash any good for the C5050. I've heard that I need the FL-40 or FL-50 (new one), but they're really expensive. I'm a beginner and would appreciate some help. Thanks.


> There is a new flash called the FL-36 coming out. It will probably be > around $200. The FL-20 is meant for fill flash so it is not powerful > at all. I would wait for the FL-36.


The FL20 is small and compact but it is much more powerful than the built-in flash AND it gets light around your wide-angle lens so that you can use it with flash. The FL40 and FL50 also work with the C-5060, so, I imagine, the FL20 will work with your c-5050 also--but you'd better check.


I just checked a picture of the C-5050 on another WEB site and note that the hot-shoe on that camera is identical to the hot-shoe on the C-5060. I'm confident that the FL20 will work and you can buy it online for about $120.


> Any FL series flash will work with the C5050. The hotshoe is > identical to all other Olympus digital cameras. However, they do not > work in TTL mode if i'm not mistaken... Only in auto mode.


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> I use a Metz flash unit, the 44MZ-2, with the SCA 3202 adapter in my =20=

> 5050 and is very powerful. I have to use a difuser filter on the flash = =20 > cap for taking portraits. It works in TTL mode, auto and manual as =20 > well. Also detects the focal range you are using in the zoom. I spent =20=

> around 200 EUR on it and is one of the best investment I made.

There's another advantadge. If you have another make of camera, you can =20=

also use the same flash unit only changing the flash shoe. I use these =20=

Metz unit also in my Contax film camera.


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As a 5050 + FL20 user I can confirm the FL20 is fully integrated with the camera. It is more powerful than its guide number suggests and well worth the £90.00 UK price. It will overcome your problem with shadowing though not necessarily entirely. It is light weight and pocketable. For comparison it is better than the T20 series and has more punch. It is fixed head so bounce is not an option. Providing you do not expect too much I recommend it for general flash assist work and excellent daylight fill-in. I have had mine for many months and am very satisfied. I have the FL50 too but this is a different animal. For a detailed expose of FL series flash guns and alternatives look at
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