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Flash for Rollei 6008i Integral 2


Hello friends
I have just got myself a 6008i Integral 2 kit. I am keen to equiped it with a dedicated flash. Can anyone share with me your experience using the 6008i with a dedicated portable flash unit? What is the make, model of the flash and if getting correct exposures are really foolproof.
Thanks & kind rgds


I have the original 6008i and have used it with a Quantum T2 connected via QF18 and gotten excellent results. I have also used a Metz 45CL4 connected via an SCA356 with good results. Nothing is foolproof but both of these combinations have worked well for me. With both flashes I have let the camera make the decisions or used the Auto setting on the flash. br darrill


Hi Darrill,
When you use the SCA356 with your METZ flash, do you use it for TTL Fill-In Flash? If so, I understand the way to do it is to dial in additional EV stops, and if you do not then the flash will not fire. Does this mean that you tend to get over-exposed shots of people in the foreground?