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Flash for TVSD


New Member
I use my TVSD mostly indoors at night and am not satisfied with its flash shots. I am comtemplating on getting a slave flash and bracket for my TVSD. There are slave flashes designed for digital cameras like the Metz 34 CS-2. Has anyone tried this? Does anyone know if this will work with the flash system and metering of the TVSD?

Thank you,


Well-Known Member
Hi Buddy,

I agree with you 100%. The flash performance is rather disappointing. I have had experience where under exact same lighting condition and same setup I got very unpredicatable and mixed results, over, correctly and under exposed. I am now hesitant to set my flash compensation or even trust the flash output as the metering easily gets fooled. Actually I am wondering if the variable maximum aperture with the zoom lens would require different flash output compensation adjustments. But theoretically the through-the-lens metering should correct that problem...

Your suggestion to use a slave flash is great, and if you could find out anything, please kindly share it with us. Thanks.



Well-Known Member
[mehrdad] there are tow versions of the metz 34, get the digital one, i have used it with a coolpix with good result, some tweaking is needed on the output level


Buddy and Ken,

Just out of curiosity, what flash setting are you using for these indoor shots? Although I have not yet tried it, I am guessing the nighttime red-eye setting may be best. Also, have you tried different metering options? I am having the same results as you, but would like to spend a little more time experimenting with the TVS flash before looking at other options.



Well-Known Member

I have not experimented with different metering options yet, but have tried with different ISO speeds as well as different flash exposure compensations. I have also tried both aperture priority and program setting with various flash options (auto, forced, nighttime, red-eye), but regardless, my results are still rather unpredictable.

I agree with you that nighttime fill flash is the best alternative, but that is not an option unless you have mounted your camera on the tripod, and that defeats the purpose of using a pocket sized P&S IMHO.

Let us know if you have found a more reliable solution. Thanks.