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Flash Photography


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Flash Photoraphy? Yep, his name's Flash, in case you didn't know. Now that he's grown a bit more, he doesn't need as much sleep and his obedience is also improving - at times.

He's actually beginning to understand what "STAY!" means - sort of. So here's another happy snap to brighten everyone up a bit amongst all the doom and gloom.


  • Flash 8W 1.jpg
    Flash 8W 1.jpg
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He looks bigger and better every day! Be careful, he'll steal your show!

Which breed of dog is Flash? (GREAT name, by the way).

Will he get to tag along with you to the highlands/Koskiuscko area ?

Also, very solid image. I love the "feathering" of his fur on the bridge of the nose.

And the tongue is really showing a good color space.


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Jim, now HERE is a "guard dog"....actually a raccoon.

Crap picture, but the skeleton is impressive.


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Laurence, he is a cross between a West Highland Terrier (mother) and a Jack Russell Terrier (father)

High Plains are off limits to dogs I'm afraid. We have a native animal called a wombat and they pick up a terrible mange from sniffing at dog's droppings, resulting in an itch so bad that they scratch until blinded and entrails protrude outside the body. Heartbreaking to see.

I have assisted Park rangers in destroying these unfortunate animals as it's the only humane thing to do.

I know I would make sure that Flash's droppings are ALWAYS collected, but the law is to be respected in this case.

But where possible, he'll book a ride, I'm sure.

Sincere regards, Jim R

PS. Hate to say this, Laurence, but that raccoon looks a little undernourished to me. It's a miracle he's still standing.