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Flash Problems with 1224mm Lens



just bought an Nikon 12-24mm lens. Outside this lens performs the greatest. Indoors with flash is my problem. All pictures turn out dark like the flash is not working. I have a SB-80DX flash with a D100 camera. I tried to set the camera to(A) and up the Main Command dial f-stop but could not fig this out. I still got no changes. Could anyone please explain to me how to get good pictures indoors with this flash and lens. Thanks you guys and gals are get in helping us starters outers out. Thanks in advance Tom.


Tom, just wondering if you ever sorted out this issue? Second, how is that lens working out for you? I'm getting that lens this week based on what I've read, just wondering about your take on it.



I too use that Speedlight 800 and have not had a single issue with it. I was aftraid there might be some showdow effects..but at this point that has not happened.