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Flash question


New Member
I have a Canon Rebel 300D and want to get a flash unit for it. I also have an older model...Canon EOS Rebel Xs. I understand that the flash I buy, for the digital, won`t be able to function the same for the "B" type older model. Sometime I shall upgrade the 35mm body...So, which flash to buy?...thanks!


Active Member
> [I have the Rebel 300D and the Rebel 2000 and they both use the same flash. > I originally purchased the Canon 420EX. When I got a bit more creative > and needed to fire the flash remotely in a cave environment I discovered that > the 420 could only act as the slave when off the camera hot shoe. I ended up > buying the Sigma EF-500 DG Super which is an excellent flash because it can > serve as the master unit that sends the infrared signal to fire the 420 when > it is off camera. The Sigma also has many more options. The flash can be > turned off and then it fires the remote unit while not firing itself. It > also can be powered down. Take a look at it. It's much less expensive that > the Canon 550 which is a comparable flash unit.]