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Flash sync on Contax RTS III: is it 1/125 sec or 1/250 sec?




I saw some contradicting information online, which is why I'm posting this question. In some places specs show that flash sync speed on RTS III is 1/125 sec. In others - 1/250 sec. So, I'm confused, what's the actual one? Does that mean that when set to "X" on the shutter speed dial it will work at 1/125 sec, but if using manual mode or setting the speed to 1/250sec it will work at 1/250 sec (assuming TTL flash is used)?

Any first-hand info will be appreciated.

Thanks !



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As Stephen says, there are two speeds marked X, as shown here:

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X125 locks, X250 doesn't.

The manual describes a subtlety I've not tested: in Av or Tv mode, 1/250s (regardless how it may be selected) is actually 1/200s. This caveat may be related to studio strobes, which can take more time to reach full power. The implication is genuine 1/250s is delivered with M mode only.


what do you mean when you say "X125 locks, X250 doesn't" ?