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Flash Technique for Metz 54 and Contax N1




I am plannig to buy the Metz 54 MZ-3 for my Conatx N1. In the past I refused to use flash in my shootings. Having read many good reviews about the modern flashes I would be interested in your experience on how to use this flash with the N1.

Main usage will be fill in flash in low light situations for portraits or street photography.
I do not want the flash usage to be seen on the picture, but want to get rid of my tripod in some situations.

For Portrait photography with backlight hints would also be useful. Remember I have no experience with flashes at all.

Is there a better flash for this available then the Metz?

Thanks for your patience.



I cant comment on the N1 or Metz as I dont use them , but you may want to consider using some sort of diffuser over the flash to soften it and give it a more "natural look" . Their are various types from the Sto-fen which is just a transluscent plastic "lid" that slips over the flash head to the type I use made by Lumiquest - these look like , literally , mini studio type soft boxes that attach to your flash with velcro . You can get very good , and subtle , results with these things - alternatively you can always bounce the flash off a convenient wall or ceiling if their is one[but often their isnt!]. You usually cant go far wrong with TTL in most situations , but do remember that the camera is usually metering off the centre portion of the scene in your viewfinder so be careful if your subject is off to the side...... For portraiture fill I usually dial in one or two stops under exp. for the flash , depending on the situation . Hope that helps. Steve


I use the 54mz3/3802 + N1. The combination is good. The secondary fill light, cut down by 1/2 stop when reversing the cover, is softer then the TLA360 and hence just right.
Flash bounce is always accurate if the bounce distance is adequate. Never liked direct / stofen capped flash shots, too harsh
I stick to TTL mode.
Use the red light/beep to ensure that 'you've got the shot'.