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FM2 Problem



Dear Members,
Accidently, I moved the film advance lever half cranked … it means the shutter release button of my FM2 is not working.
Please anyone help me how to make this camera back to normal again … Thanks


In about similar stuck situation I took the film away, opened the camera = back, the picture counter went to zero, very gently I cocked the body = and the shutter release started to work again. Later a repair shopkeeper = said that I have not used the body enough freguently.After his overhaul = service nomore problems.


Dear Members:

My problem little bit different. i recently located MD-11 quite used.When i switched on the motor it also switch on the meter of gear and does not switch off the meter like MD-12 automatically after 30/60 seconds a great difference between the two drives thus drain the camera battery. i read somewhere in the net few monthus back if MD-11 one terminal pint(out of four) to the gear is taped it will stop drain of battery. Which terminal is required to be taped(was not clearly mentioned)thus cannot take risk being non qualified and damage the circuit of gear/MD. Is there other alternative to stop this battery drain during long session of photography or ones forget to switch off the motor which usually happened. It is miserbale of keeping always BCs in my bag for a machine which is purely mechanical and battery is required for meter only.Thanks in advance.