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Focus Issue - Newb to Contax question


New Member
Hi guys,

recently bought all the parts for a Contax 645 system from ebay.

Assembed the parts and tried the focussing (which I was told was slow) - however the camera will not autofocus. Even in manual mode it will never autofocus. I've noticed the distance marks on the lens barrel never move (as in my canon system) but the "grip" on the lens does.

Any suggestions? I've tried S mode for AF and M mode and doing it myself, but can't get anything in focus.



Well-Known Member

I normally try using manual mode, and pressing the focus button inside the focus mode selector dial. the lens barrel should move and the distance scale will indicate the focussed distance. Check the battery if this does not work. Note the 120mm makro lens is a manual focus only lens, and will not autofocus. Presumbly manual focus by turning the focussing ring on the lens works. You could try another lens if you have one.


Well-Known Member

Turining the focussing grip on the lens should cause the focussing distance to change so long as you are adjusting the focus within the lens focussing range, you should also be able to see the focus of the lens changing through the viewfinder. if it doesn't you would appear to have an issue with the lens, this works with the camera power switched off. The focussing grip can move separately from the lens barrel, so will rotate outside of the focussing range of the lens aswell.