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Focusing Screens


I'm in a deep trouble with my focusing screens. My 159MM came with a diagonal split screen (FT-2), which should have been fine, but it's not; at least for me. I always have trouble using this diagonal split screen and really miss the standard horizontal one with microprisms (FT-1). Here comes the biggest problem. Not a single piece of 159MM's screen is to be found!

Anyone has a clue where I can buy (or have my camera serviced, as I've heard that 159MM requires a specialist to change the screen) this focusing screen? And does your 159MM come with FT-1 or FT-2?

Thank you very much.


New Member
I have a 159MM with horizontal split screen. It looks on quick inspection like the same screen realease latch as the RTS II, so it would be easy to change if that's true.


Hi Charles,
I have a 159 with the standard FT-4 horizontal split/microprism collar screen. Your 159 must already have been modified. Sadly, as the recommendation was always to send it to an authorised service centre, almost no FT screens made it to retailers and so are very difficult to source. Keep on checking using a deep search engine like Copernic (it's found me Contax gear missed by Google) and check on ebay. I reckon your best bet is probably to find a 159 wreck on ebay from which you could at least salvage the FT-4. Sorry not have anything more contructive to offer.

By the way, one great 159 accessory - the W-7 winder - I just tried out on a 139 and it's superb. I used to use the 139 winder with the 159 - don't know why it's taken until now to reverse the opportunity!



Thanks a lot for your kindness. I really appreciate your helps.

So, it seems like finding a focusing screen is not a so-good option. I'm thinking about buying a new body. At first, I think I will buy an RX. But then, an RX might be too heavy to carry around everyday, so another 159 is favorable. Can anyone give an opinion on RX vs 159MM? and if anyone can point out a great place to find Contax bodies, I would appreciate that a lot.

Thanks again


Well-Known Member
I 've not used 159mm, so I would not say anything on this one.

RX has the most stable mirror, most steady in low speed. The viewfinder is not as bright as Aria or S2.

Aria and S2 has the same viewfinder. S2 mirror causes less vibration than Aria. Aria's mirror flap is thick and relatively heavy when compared to S2, AX, RTS3 or RX

S2 and RTSIII are the only cameras having mirror lock.