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Focussing on close distances



Got my new »toy« today: the 7.5mm Extension Tube.
It gives the Planar 1.4/85 the focussing range I always missed. The normal 1.0 meter minimum focus range was often too far away for my needs. With the Extension Tube the lens focusses from 1.175 metres at infinity setting down to 0.673 metres at closest setting.
I'll try it on flowers and plants tomorrow. Also seems to be ideal on nearer portraits.
There's only one disadvantage: The ring is too small to couple the automatic diaphragm control system. So you've to stop down the lens manually and take a measurement at working aperture.
Refer to the instruction sheet delivered with the ring, it seems to be build espacially for the Planar 1,4/50 and 1,4/85. Viewfinder always shows f-number 1.4. But I mounted the Tessar 2.8/45 also. Will report if this works, too.