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This is an image from a Texan Game I went to...taken with the SD10...

This picture shows great depth and 3D..


Thanks for looking...

Tony C.


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Thank you...the lens was the Sigma 80-400mm at I think 150mm f5 at a 200 iso, with a +2 on the enhancment...It was actually dark but the Sigma software does wonders with pictures taken in the Raw format....

I did not get too many pictures that night...I forgot to bring fresh batteries so after about 10 pictures the camera went dead...LOL...but I got about 3 good shots out of 10....still learning the Sigma system...

Tony C.

Guest .

Hi Tony,

the SD10 needs high quality batteries. They should recently have been charged. Otherwise you risk them suddenly, running out of power. (you know that of course!)

Normally, every newcomer makes the mistake, you mention above, ... just once! The next time, they have fresh batteries at hands.

See you with nice pictures