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For Sale Contax N Digital N1RXAXRTS II LENSES


Well-Known Member
Contax ND
Contax N1
Contax AX
Contax RX
Contax RTS II
N Series 17-35 2.8
N Series 24-85 3.4/4
N Series 50 1.4
N Series 70-300 (3.4/4)

CY Mounts:

50 1.4
100 3.5
200 F 4 (Tessar)
28-80 3.4/4 Zoom

I'll consider any serious offers for all or part. Everything in Very Good to Excellant Condition.

I also have an Epson 2200 printer with about 140 dollars worth of unopened ink I would consider selling. The printer works great, includes box, drivers and manual.

Please contact me off list at