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For Sale: Hasselblad 150mm C and 250mm C Lenses & Assorted Stuff


New Member
First up, the 250mm F/5.6 C. It is in fairly working order. There are surface blemishes with the worst of them pictured. The slower shutter speeds are slow, yet I'm sure the faster are usable. 1 second seemed closer to 1.6 seconds or so. There are some scratches on the elements that will not affect image quality that is visible to anyone other than a machine. There is some slight fungus inside the lens elements, although not terrible. A CLA would be good for this.


Next is a 150mm F/4 C. The shutter speeds on this model are slower than that of the 250mm. It is a bit more worn on the outside but some of that could be possible to clean. There is a bit more fungus on this one, although just in a few spots, and a few more scratches as well. The scratches certainly do not render it unusable by any means. A CLA would be good for this as well.


For the assorted stuff, I have:

1) Waist level finder. In good condition. No scratches on the magnifier to speak of.


2) Finder for the longer lenses. This clips on to the hood of the 150mm and 250mm lenses. It is an alternative for another finder and enables quick framing for sports and such.


3) Standard winding knob. I replaced it with another one that she had. Looks good.


4) 150mm B50 lens hood. In rough shape, as they often are. Fits the lens fine, the damage is purely cosmetic.


5) Hoya UV B50 filter. Looks fine, no real scratches. It is pictured on the 150mm F/4.