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For Sale: Sigma sd-14 and 6 lens


New Member
I am selling my beloved SD-14 with some lens as a set at an excellent price. I want to see them go to a nice home. I am in Portland, Oregon. All of them are in excellent working condition. Some of them only got used for a couple of times. Total package price: $800. Firm on price and buyer takes all.

SD-14 body - about 14000 shoots.
10-20 mm hsm
24-70 mm 2.8
15 mm circular
18-200 mm
70 - 300 mm
50 mm macro
EF-500 DG ST flash
2gb Compact flash card
2 batteries

Thank you,


Well-Known Member
Maxchau....That's an awesome price on some great lenses and a good body...If anyone is thinking about jumping in...this would be a great a great price...

If you decided to break it up...let me know...I would be interested in...

10-20 Wide
15 Circular
50 Macro

Good Luck...and wow what a price...!!!

Tony C.... :z04_cowboy:


New Member

Thank you, it is a great price. I just want to sell them as a set. If you can resell part of the package, you may get the lens without much cost :)



New Member
I did upload the photos. Somehow they are not showing up now.

I am new here so is there a way to send you the photos directly?



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New Member
New kid in town...

Hi all good friends - as a "newbie" not yet shooting with Sigma (Nikon system user currently ...) I would like to greet all of you and I'll be very interested in "old" used Sigma gear. Living in Sydney Aussie (20 years, before in Czech even more...) it will not be easy to acquire stuff from US/Canada so please if any australian connections let me know. Thanks.
Lubos Melicharek
For your info ... in "good old days" using Practica, Pentacon, Zenith, Pentax, Yashica and plenty of "cheap" P&S. Then 90s Olympus OM2n and OM10 ... Digital age arrived ... sold all Olympus gear (3bodies, 4lenses, flash etc.) keeping only F50 + 18-70AF for still those "right moments". Bought D70 + 18-135/70-300/SB400 and later OlySP565UZ, DimageF300, OptioS6.
Absolutely GOBSMACKED when first saw pictures from Foveon (Carl of course...) and read Mike Chaney... Cut "lifestory" short - instead of updating to 5D MkI (money wasted?) Sigma convinced. Finally something resembling old times with Kodachrome slides (and of course East German slides which all of us from East used in 70s/80s before Velvia). Beautiful ! I understand limits etc. BUT still ... Advise from all you "oldies" - keep Nikon gear and "add-on" or better off "switch" ? Can only dream about D700, MarkII5D, Leica9 or SD1. Option only "couple of hundred $" requires SD9/10 or SD14 plus lenses (do not have any EF Canon or Sigma SA and DX "unusable" I know...). We'll see. Thank you again for listening.