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For sale

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Jocelyn Carlin

New Member
I have a Distagon 4/40mm T* Zeiss Lens for sale, excellent condition, and don't know where to begin with price, anyone got any guidelines or interest in purchase. Lens only no pouch or case. I am in NZ and purchaser will have to pay freight at cost


Well-Known Member
The first question would be what generation Distagon are you refering to?

There are different generations with very different ages and price levels..

Jocelyn Carlin

New Member
Hasselblad T* 4/40mm Zeiss Distagon lens

OK Thank you, the answer I don't know but the serial number is 7276067
It has a 93/40 drop in filter and hood ring, and the 0.5 to infinity floating element design for fine focus, I'll try and find out the model year by serial number