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From Nikon to Leica, and the DP2


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I began real photographic work after a brief stint in indy film, with a Nikon D200 and some Nikkor glass. After a while the gear just got to heavy for what I enjoyed so moved to several Leica bodies and lens combinations. Still shoot with the M8 and Leica glass as my primary system for street shooting, cityscapes, and portraits.

But after recently picking up a DP2 as my carry everywhere backup, I am very impressed with the lens and foveon sensor. The camera certainly has its quirks but the image makes it worth dealing with. Now I'm beginning to get curious about the SD15, and might even go for a SD14 just to play around with some Leica R glass.

In closing, I am now a fan of Sigma for the colors, smooth/sharp resolution, and by far the most film-like image produced by any camera I have used, with the exception of the M8--which is close to 10x the price, for the body alone. Great job Sigma!



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Hi Mark,

welcome in the Sigma User forum! I would suggest that you give the SD14 a try. It is really cheap now and so the transformation into a R-Lens compatibility will be not too expensive.

The SD15 will be definitely more expensive and nobody knows really, when it will be launched...

best wishes


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Waiting for the SD15

Hi Dirk,

Thanks for the welcome.

To be honest I am very curious about how the SD14 can do with color. But it seems the IQ will either be similar to slightly better than the DP2, based on what I have seen. Some even seem to say the DP2 is actually better in IQ. In either case, I have too many cameras of the same fold--good IQ with slow operation. Although I have grown accustomed to quick shooting with the M8, I think if I got a DSLR, I want something that offers the benefits that my Leica M8, DP2, or Dlux4 cannot offer such as speed, high ISO performance, etc.

Hopefully the SD15 would improve on these things. Have any idea when the SD15 will come out?