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FS: 80mm/2.8 T planar, PME51 prism, PK-UR 130 Z ringflash

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for sale following items

  • 80mm f2.8 Planar T lens. Glass condition EX+, Barrel VG, some nicks here and there. 290£

  • PME51 prism. EX+. Metering works, virtually no mounting marks. Some scuffs on plastic from storage/transport. Nice satin look otherwise. Leatherette is spotless. 240£

  • PK UR 130 Z ringflash. Qty 3. Mint or better. All come with Heliopan #367 72mm/B60 adapter, DIN->Metz plug adapter, box. Box rebranded by S&A. Mfg 1994/w51. 110£ a piece.

  • PK UR 130Z. Condition: Good, nick on the edge, No box nor adapter plug - 70£.
  • extension ring set. VG. 55,21,10mm. £40.
Shipping @ cost. Courier ~£35, reg. mail ~£15 across Europe.
Reasonable money back guarantee.



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