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FS Aria RX II 2128 2828 5014 802004 extension tube set


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This weekend I had made the plunge to invest into my first medium format camera, a Contax 645. Although I still haven't had the time to test this legendary camera yet, I have decided to let go of all my C/Y mount manual focus Contax system to support my 645 investment. Note that everything apart from the RX II was purchased brand new in March this year, so the condition on all of them is mint or near mint. The RX II was purchased in July and it is also in mint condition. All lenses and camera bodies are in their original box with all accessories, and original Contax UV filters are included for each and every one of the lenses listed below.

Aria, in excellent condition with some minor use marks only on the base plate, mainly due to mounting onto the tripod ballhead's plate. Asking $360.

RX II in mint condition. Asking $650

21/2.8 Distagon in mint condition with Contax metal hood and metal cap. Asking $950

28/2.8 Distagon in excellent condition. No cosmetic flaw was found anywhere but only with some dust that appears on the lens. Asking $225

50/1.4 Planar in mint condition. Asking $160

80-200/4 Vario Sonnar in mint condition. Asking $625

Auto extension tube set of 3 with no packaging but in mint condition. Asking $175

Contax 55mm circular polarizing filter in mint condition with box. Asking $60

Contax 82mm circular polarizing filter in mint condition with box. Asking $140

Contax cable release L-30 in mint condition with box. Asking $15

All prices listed do not include shipping charges. But I have a corporate account with Fedex and shipping is very reasonable. If interested, please send email to I live in Hong Kong but will ship anywhere in the world. A SIGNIFICANT discount will be given if the whole set is considered. Thanks for watching.



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Thank you for the several inquiries already. To clarify things, I would much prefer to sell everything as a set, or at least bundle some of them together.

As a start, I would like to try sell the Aria along with the 50/1.4 Planar. Will not consider split unless I can't find a buyer who is interested in the combo.


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I just received a private email from somebody with an interest on the Aria and the 50/1.4 planar. Unfortunately I do not know how to respond to the message, and so for all your information, both items have been sold. And so has the 21/2.8 Distagon.

As I couldn't get rid of the rest of the system for awhile, I had decided to reinvest into the C/Y system and since then I bought a 25/2.8 Distagon to replace my 21/2.8. I will only entertain offers at this time if somebody is interested in my whole setup, and it includes:

RX II body
28/2.8 Distagon
25/2.8 Distagon
80-200/4 Vario-Sonnar
Cable Switch
55mm Contax CPL filter
Extension tube set

Thank you for everybody's interest, and I can be reached at if one of you is willing to take up all my C/Y mount gear.