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FS Carl Zeiss 2870 VS MM lens


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Hey Guys,

I find myself with two Carl Zeiss 28-70 Vario-Sonnar zoom lenses and I only need one. I'd like to sell one and keep one.

The one I have for sale is in excellent condition, looks great, and is completely clean. It has no box or papers, and both front and rear lens caps are aftermarket, but it works just fine.

I'll sell it to a forum member for $250.00 USD plus shipping, and I'll ship anywhere. I can accept most forms of payment, including some credit cards. If anyone is interested, I can send photos of the lens. I can be reached directly at

This is my first "for sale" posting and I hope I have done it right and not broken any forum rules.



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This lens suits me just fine, and its a joy to use. I just ended up with two of them from e-bay (exercised a buy it now option at a good price and then was suprisingly the high bidder on another one at the same time at a good price as well) and don't need two! I'd also swap this lens for something interesting in the CZ line as well.

I'm bidding on a 35/2.8 on e-bay right now, I see the prices going up on CZ manual focus lenses thanks to the Canon digital crowd (every other CZ listing now mentions you can put these lenses on a Canon DSLR). I figure I'll get my complement of lenses now while it's not too painful financially. My wife will be in the states in two months and I am sure she will put a stop to my buying of camera gear and good guns. New wives are like that.

BTW, took some test shots with my new lenses thsi past Sunday and took the extra step of having them processed by a decent lab. The photos just about jump off the paper at you in terms of sharpness and color. I'm firmly hooked on CZ primes now and am getting some great results with the two zooms as well.