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FS Carl Zeiss Jena 180mm f28 Sonnar Pentacon


I've got two of these lenses arriving this week (it's a long story). Anyway, I was never sure I needed even one, let alone, two. So, I am selling one. The lens is advertised as exc++. I'll post pics later this week when it arrives. Price is $300 shipped via USPS Express Mail with insurance. Includes original hood.

This lens, with an adapter, can be used on your Contax 645 body. Still allows aperture priority shooting mode. I've read only positive comments about this lens, its only real drawback being its enormous size.



Finally. Here are photos of the 180/2.8 lens mounted on my C645. It's a large lens, but balances very nicely with the beefy C645 body. Manual focus, allows use of aperture priority mode - a nice portrait lens to go with your 80/2.8 kit lens. $300 includes shipping in the U.S. + the adapter that allows attachment to your C645 body.