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FS Carl Zeiss TeleApotessar T 350mmF4


Hi, all!

I've decided to sell my Carl Zeiss Tele-Apotessar T* 350mm/F4.
The Mutar 1.4 is included.
Its complete with the metal lens hood, original box and all papers.
I didn't use it very much because for many trips it's been too heavy.
Optical performance is absolutly great. AF is extremely precise, speed is ok for such a big lens.
Lens is fully functional, no problems.
Ok, one zipper of the case is defective.

If you're interested: just let me know. (

Kind regards,

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>FS - Distagon zeiss C/Y 28/2.8 MM I am NOT a dealer or a professional and I need to sell this lens. I bought new and I used it only twice. LN - condition with NO scratches on the barrel and No scrathes on the glass. No dents or brassing or else, just perfect. I have all the paperwork and the boxes. Sell for $ 260 + shipping Franco Mascagni