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FS: Complete 503CX System

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Oliver Roch

New Member
To finance my new H1, I'm selling my favorite piece in my collection. A fantastic 503CX with lots of accessories in a state of no desires unfulfilled. Absolutely clean and working.

The collection, packed entirely in Lowepro Flipside 200 backpack consists of the following parts:
Hasselblad 503CX, Viewfinder, 3x A12 Back (one with a black knob, two with a silver knob) * Hasselblad CF T 50 mm, Hasselblad CF T * 80 mm, Hasselblad CF T * 120mm, Hasselblad CF Proshade, Filter B + W 060 / 041/091/022MRC with two adapters to B60, B60 Heliopan KB1.5/KR1.5, Hama Vario ND, Gebr. Scheck Pro-Trigger-Cable, Optech strap.

Asking 2.999 ​​EUR or your best offer.



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