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FS Contax 180mm F28 Sonnar MM andor Mutar 2 2x converter


New Member
Due to an increased interest in landscape photography, I am selling these 2 lenses to enable me to buy a wide angle.

Both lenses are immaculate and as new with MTF charts, instructions, original cases, caps and a filter on the 180mm Sonnar.

For the 180mm F2.8 Sonnar (MM),I want £550

For the Mutar 2 2x Tele extender (MM), I want £175

I will accept £650 for both lenses bought together.

The 180mm Sonnar is an excellent, fast lens and when combined with the Mutar 2, provides a highly portable combination. The Mutar 2 is recommended by Zeiss for use with this lens (and other listed telephotos).The image quality is superb.

I live in Leeds, England and my Email is