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FS Contax 2880 N Mount Lens


Well-Known Member
Hi all. I have an extra Contax 28-80 N Mount Lens that I am looking to get rid of. It is in excellent+ condition, probably mint- if I had the time to clean it up a bit! It functions flawlessly and the glass, front and rear, is perfect.

Comes with it's hood and a B&H UV filter, attached via a tiffen adapter ring. The lens came as part of a set I bought and the previous owner did not include a rear cap, so there is none. They are inexpensive to purchase if you need one.

Make a bid for this excellent travel lens. I am looking for around $299 for it. Paypal preferred and shipping will be a flat $15 to the continental US.

Thanks and good luck!







Well-Known Member
OK, firesale time. I am looking for $200 + $15 shipping (insured). Make an offer if this price doesn't hit the spot.

I await the flood of interest