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FS Contax RTS II Body 50mm f17 Carl Zeiss E


I finally landed an S2 body. So, I am now selling my Contax RTS II body and 50mm f/1.7 Carl Zeiss Planar T* lens. Both body and lens are in excellent+ condition. The body is beautiful - no dings, dents. There is the slightest hint of brassing along the front/left/top edge near the lug - the wear is very superficial. Leather is supple and beautiful - no peeling, wear, or fading. Everything is functioning properly, including the self timer and meter. All speeds sound correct. Viewfinder bright and clear, all LED readouts working properly and brightly.

Overall, this is a very clean kit that would make a great main body or a backup body. Priced fairly at $375 shipped to the lower 48 states via Fedex with insurance. Inquiries or payments via Paypal can be made to gilgabo at yahoo dot com.