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FS: Contax Zeiss 25-70mm Zoom For G2


Well-Known Member
Hi everyone. Nice to stop back by the forum. I'm currently selling some gear and I thought some of you may be interested.

In this ad I'm selling a mint- grade Contax Zeiss 35-70mm lens for the G2, in black. Comes boxed and works like the day I got it. Glass beautiful and clear (always filter protected), manual zoom is smooth, focusing is fast.

These zooms are incredible for daylight shooting, the quality is amazing. Makes a superb travel lens! Compact top quality zeiss optics on a rangefinder, very cool! I'll try to snap some pictures when I get home from work later.

Price- $750 which includes Shipping to the ConUS & Paypal fees.

Please let me know if ou have any questions. I'd much rather sell it to the ContaxInfo community rather than just popping it up on eBay.